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DDGC grew out of a merger between an HR consulting organization and an Internet company. From the very first moment, labor psychologists, consultants, designers and programmers worked on the substantive foundation and technical development of the HR software. And they still do.


A group of HR experts found that many of their clients were working on streamlining HR processes and competency-based talent development. Often they were doing this using Word, Excel or a modification in their own system. A good and affordable solution was lacking, however, and thus the idea of a digital conversation file was born.

In 2009, The Digital Conversation Cycle was one of the first web applications that made employee assessment and talent development possible. The software has since evolved into a reliable system used by tens of thousands of people.


Many web applications are developed by programmers with a good idea. With us it's the other way around: over 25 years of HR experience forms the basis of The Digital Conversation Cycle. This is reflected in the way the software works, the templates we make available and the way we provide support. For example, when implementing or providing training.

The designers and programmers who work with us grew up with the advent of the Internet. Most have (had) their own businesses and understand how entrepreneurs think. They boast 20 years of experience, but continue to study the latest techniques.

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