Sometimes it's nice to have an expert sitting next to you to solve your problem. We can't always be there in person, but with QuickSupport from TeamViewer, we can get very close. This program allows us to remotely view your screen over the internet.

Het gebruik van QuickSupport

In some cases one of our support heroes might indicate that your problem can be solved faster by briefly looking at your screen, they will ask you to download the QuickSupport program from TeamViewer. You can do this by clicking on the button below.

After downloading, you don't need to install anything. Simply double-click to start the program. The screen that opens will ask you to provide your ID (unique identification number). After this, the secure connection will be established.

From that moment on, our employee can view and operate your computer. You can also talk to each other. After the explanation or problem is resolved, we will terminate the connection, unless you decide to do so earlier.

QuickSupport downloaden