Testimonial AB&C Group

Aeves Benefit is a market leader in the procurement landscape. Aeves has been positioning itself as a service provider for the entire commercial chain since 2011. Benefit has been active in procurement services since 1997. They work in many sectors, ranging from business services to manufacturing companies and every conceivable government agency. They're currently operating under the brand AB&C Group.

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With more than 150 permanent employees, Aeves Benefit is the largest within its segment.

Testimonial AB&C Group

In an interview, we asked field manager/coach Martijn Scherpenhuijzen about his experiences with DDGC. He has been a customer since 2012 and in addition to being a technical administrator he is also a manager. So he actively uses the HR system.

Testimonial AB&C Group
Martijn Scherpenhuijzen
Fieldmanager / coach

Since we specialize in "procurement," we didn't rush into buying this software package. After a market survey, eight parties received a Request For Information with clear requirements and the request to respond in writing. Based on the responses, a shortlist was made, quotations were made, presentations were made, trials were carried out and continuity was considered. After this intensive procurement process, DDGC was chosen.

Why did you become a customer?

You became our supplier because we need a simple application that is user-friendly. Our people should have no barrier to work in it. So we were looking for the simplest, most effective tool available, without all the extra bells and whistles. It just has to do what it's meant to do, and you came out on top. Nice and pragmatic, it works.

How is the application working for you?

We started in 2012. It works very well. I get feedback from everyone that it's professional. The people who come in to us get a presentation on the first day on how to approach, complete and deal with the HR cycle. Then they immediately get a link in their email that they can use to get started. And I hear back that it works so simply, that it all goes very naturally. Everyone is satisfied with that. I use the application the most, I find it very easy to use.

So what does it achieve?

It's for the entire HR cycle, which we just want to be structured and serious about. This HR system forces you into a format, a defined process, to follow that. You just know when you have an appointment, when to schedule an appointment and that you can measure progress. Before we used this, it was all a bit of a wood-pile with emails and Word, things like that. Now colleagues and I just see in an overview when we have a progress meeting and what we're going to talk about. You're forced to do those things. Before, it was easy to let it slip for a while. Then you would often find yourself at the end of the year at a review of: "Yes, we didn't talk about this very explicitly and didn't capture this adequately." So it's a very nice tool to facilitate that.

Any additional remarks?

When I send an email or call, they respond immediately or call me back. That's what you want. Then if there's something that can't be solved on the spot or a question that can't be answered right away, the follow-up is also quick. I'm just satisfied with that.

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