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Foundation for Special Education & Expertise Centers (SSOE) is the center of expertise for education, outpatient counseling and support for children and youth with disabilities ages 4 to 20.


The SSOE Centers of Excellence consist of special education (SO) and secondary special education (VSO) schools, the External Services Department (ED), the Autism Support Center Southeast Brabant and the Labor Transition Center (ATC) in the Netherlands.

De ervaringen van SSOE

In August 2015, we interviewed Hilbert de Vries, director of Special Education & Expertise Centers Foundation in the Eindhoven region. Hilbert has been a user of DDGC since June 2015 but, as a director in his previous work situation, has also worked with DDGC for two years.

Hilbert de Vries
Hilbert de Vries

I think the main take-aways are that the application is very accessible, very user-friendly and very clear. No extensive courses are needed to work with it. In addition, DDGC is very complete. It is very nice that I, as a director, can see online whether people are keeping up with their performance.

Why are you using DDGC?

"I use the application to get the interview cycle to a quality level; streamlining the process is a very important reason for me. Many school boards say they do have an interview cycle, but my experience is that often no interviews have been held with employees for a very long time. Without a good HR application, it is difficult to have overviews and analysis data. In general, I think uniformity is also very important. All this becomes possible by using DDGC."

How are you using DDGC within the organisation?

"I - together with the directors - have oriented myself broadly on various packages and we've also reviewed the applications that were already being used at some schools. Well, the principals themselves chose, which I think is very important to get support for any platform or software. In general, we found the other applications too limited. It is important to realize that no HR system is 100% satisfactory, but DDGC came very close. After the final choice was made, we opted for an additional implementation process, which also meant that we immediately made good procedural agreements in which everyone was involved. This was well worth the investment."

How are the managers' experiences?

"Our experiences right now: some have already started, others are just beginning. So far the experiences are positive. We chose to start the cycle by working with scopes. This is already providing great insights, such as a principal who told me that he actually had quite a hard time filling out a teacher's competency profile from which it emerged that he was going to look in the classroom more often."

Any other remarks?

"It is a great application and the implementation process is very helpful and I recommend it to everyone."

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