Data and metrics about performance and reviews are automatically gathered and can be reported in the Analytics section. This way you have real time access to the progress of an individual employee, one or multiple teams or the entire organization.

An ingenious reporting system allows you to analyse this valuable data to your heart's content. How many performance reviews have been conducted? Who already have a personal development plan? How many objectives have been achieved this year? On which competencies should we focus more attention? These are all questions that you will be able to answer easily later on.


Applado can show results to answer Business Intelligence questions on different levels:

  • Process
    • How many objective interviews, progress interviews and appraisal interviews have already been held?
    • How many employees already have a personal development plan? Who doesn't yet?
    • And so on...
  • Results
    • What is the result of the annual reviews?
    • Who got an excellent rating?
    • How many of the targets have been met?
    • And so on...
  • Competencies
    • Which competencies are properly assessed in the organisation?
    • Which competencies need extra attention?
    • And so on...
Management information based on analytics
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