Control of the appraisal process

The Digital Interview Cycle is based on the insights of occupational psychologists and HRM experts. The contents are based on Best Practices and scientific evidence on the best ways to manage HR processes. One of our starting points is a fixed sequence of the interview cycle for appraisal.

Our software is continously being used by thousands of users. We use their feedback to ensure that the application fits in seamlessly with what you need as an organisation, employee and manager, both in terms of content and process.

An established HRM process

The Digital Interview Cycle is not just a place where separate information about assessment, functioning, competencies, etc. is recorded. The great thing about the application is that you can determine in what order and at what time the various steps in the assessment and development cycle should be taken by employees and supervisors, and what these steps look like in terms of content. This can vary from filling in forms for an assessment interview to 360° feedback on competencies.

Geef sturing aan het proces

The starting point of a fixed sequence of different parts in the call cycle offers an overview and thus the possibility to control it. This starts with the managers who carry out the conversations. Thanks to an ingenious reminder system and a dashboard with an agenda, they are stimulated in a pleasant way to ensure that the conversations, the reflection on the functioning and the reporting on this remain going on.

As a policy maker at a somewhat higher level, the reporting possibilities in the application also give you real-time insight into the status of the process. At a single glance it is clear whether the planned conversations have been conducted per department or organization as a whole. Even if the assessment and development cycle in your organization consists of several steps, it is immediately clear what the status of each part is. Moreover, the analysis is made in such a way that it is always possible to click through to the underlying detailed information.

Process indicators in the reporting section

Important benefits of the process

The sequence of meetings for appraisal can be determined in advance;
Templates are available that provide a basis for action;
The HRM core process is controlled without much effort;
Information on the progress of the process is continuously available;
There is a reminder feature for managers.
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