Performance management

The Digital Interview Cycle is shapes performance management in your organisation. It helps you to translate your organisational strategy and team objectives into SMART-formulated goals and individual tasks for each team member. This allows you to continuously monitor progress at each level and make adjustments when necessary.

Our HR cycle enables you to define SMART formulated goals and actionable tasks per employee in a transparent way. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. This enables you to continuously monitor progress at every level and, if necessary, make adjustments. This tried and tested method is based, among other things, on the Goal Setting Theory.

Performance Management with Goal Setting

Locke & Latham focus with their Goal Setting Theory on identifying the goals that motivate and perform the most. Motivating goals are often concrete or specific, often quantitative, complicated and self-confident. The motivation of employees appears to be stimulated in three ways.

Icon Focus Attention will be focused on relevant activities in relation to the objectives

Icon Plan Action plans are devised in order to achieve the objectives

Icon Solve Goals provide a positive incentive to solve problems

Working with The Digital Interview Cycle demonstrably leads to 40% performance improvement and employees who experience their work as more meaningful and therefore more enjoyable. Compared to other HR cycle systems, you will notice that our software has a clear focus on actionable and result-oriented work.

Most important benefits of performance management

Translate organisation strategy to team objectives, individual goals and actionable tasks
Define SMART-formulated goals for your team members
Track and adjust progress at any level and at any time
Increase the performance of your workforce by 40%
Create a challenging and motivating work environment within your organisation
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