Build a complete personnel file

Sometimes you want to follow an employee more intensively than usual. Because you are dissatisfied with your performance or because you want to reward extra. With The Digital Interview Cycle you carefully record (the lack of) results in a digital personnel file.

By default, the interview cycle in the application is structured in such a way that it provides sufficient legal support if you decide to use it for that purpose. Recording (the lack of) efforts honestly and transparently provides a powerful piece of evidence. You can easily export content to PDF, so that you can send the entire file digitally to the authorised persons or institutions if necessary.

The precise execution of the assessment cycle with the aid of our digital personnel file provides insight into functioning and offers prospects for remuneration. It also prevents performance problems by creating clarity. If you unexpectedly need a valid file, the use of the Digital Interview Cycle can prevent the payment of a sky-high severance pay.

De opbouw van een personeelsdossier

Oral agreements are legally binding, but always difficult to prove. A major focus of good employment practices is to discuss points of criticism in a structured manner and to record them in writing. In doing so, clearly formulate both the negative and positive aspects and indicate what improvements you see. Further record the steps that the manager and employee have to take to realise the desired and agreed improvement. If necessary, schedule another progress interview to raise points of criticism. Follow the same approach, but agree on a tighter (yet reasonable) deadline. In case of (alleged) dysfunction of an employee, the following points of attention are important for file creation:

Icon Assessment

Give a clear final assessment of the overall performance and support this with detailed examples. In any case, avoid an arithmetical average of the score on all aspects.

Icon Improvement

Offer an improvement program with support from the organization and provide it with a start and end date. Evaluate in the interim and warn that employment will be terminated if there is insufficient improvement and redeployment is not possible.

Icon Code of conduct

Involve staff or the works council in drawing up internal regulations or a code of conduct. This not only increases support, but through awareness the code of conduct also become a living document, with more eloquence in the courts.

Benefits of a personnel file

You have a timeline with fixed tasks and meetings;
You can easily export everything to PDF and deliver it to authorised persons;
You reduce the chance of a high severance payment in case of dysfunction;
You have evidence for appraisal and rewarding high potentials.
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