Automated reminders

Every manager probably has forgotten to prepare an appraisal of performance review. And what about all the time wasted on managing and monitoring all the meetings? Fortunately, this is no longer necessary, because the Digital Interview Cycle automatically reminds those involved of any upcoming tasks and meetings.

Upcoming goals and meetings

Goals, objectives, or tasks stored in the HRM system during the various meetings are automatically reported to the responsible person by e-mail before the relevant deadline expires. In addition, our HR application reminds both the manager and the employee of further scheduled meetings, so that there is always sufficient time to prepare and get things done.

Dashboard overview with pending tasks

In addition to reminders by e-mail, there is a clear dashboard for each user with pending tasks and upcoming meetings. This way, you always have an overview of your own appointments and actions, but also those of your employees.

Automatic reminders of meetings

Key benefits of automatic reminders

Managers and employees are kept up to date and are better prepared;
Managers save time because they don't have to remember employees;
Scheduled meetings, tasks and goals are no longer forgotten.
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