360° feedback

Peers or direct colleagues sometimes see more than a manager. You collect feedback from other team members via 360-degree feedback. When using competency profiles, you can choose which colleagues can be invited. With a convenient layout and color display, you can see at a glance who has filled in what and how it relates to each other.

By default both the manager and employee have rights to fill out the competency profile. However, you have the option to determine whether this is scaled back to only the manager or expanded to four colleagues of that particular employee.

  • Only the manager (90° feedback);
  • Both the manager and employee (180° feedback);
  • The manager, employee, and four colleagues (360° feedback).

Next, you determine who has the ability to invite those four colleagues: the manager or the employee themselves. Sometimes you want to leave this up to the employee, while in other situations it is better done by the manager. With a handy layout in colors and display of averages, it is immediately clear who has filled out what and how it relates to each other.

Finally, it is possible to indicate whether a manager may see how an employee has assessed themselves before saving their own results definitively. This can have an impact on how a manager evaluates.

Feedback from colleagues via 360-degree feedback
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