Do you know which managers are on schedule with their appraisals? On which competencies are your sales managers scoring well? And is that better than last year? Our Analytics suite gives you powerful insight at any given moment.

The reporting feature of our HR software let's you access real-time management information. On the one hand, this information simply shows the progress of the appraisal process in your organisation. On the other hand, it provides insight into the substantive and qualitative state of affairs for the critical success factors and key performance indicators of personnel management.

Gain insight

The analysis provides answers to the following questions at any time:

  • What competencies 'score' well in my organization?
  • What competencies 'score' better than last year'
  • Are the effects of my training program measurable?
  • What competencies are lagging behind with regard to our goals?
  • In which department do employees achieve the highest average score on their appraisal?
  • Who were my best employees in the past period?
  • Did all employees receive safety instructions?
  • Who has received the predicate 'high potential' from their manager in the past period?

These are just a few examples, much more is possible. These possibilities are especially great because you decide yourself which subjects and questions will be discussed during the discussions and the forms that will be filled in. If, for example, you decide to include the 'interest in participating in the Mars Landing Project' as part of a form throughout the organisation, then the results of that inventory will be included in the analysis. For the sake of completeness, we would like to point out that you can analyse at any desired level of your organisation or on any combination of organisation parts of your organisation.

Management information

The business intelligence reporting featuring provides excellent input for your HRM policy. You can use it to determine the choices for HRM spearheads, but also to monitor the effect of HRM projects and programmes. A concrete example? The analysis of the Digital Interview Cycle shows that the 'Leadership' competency scores lower than desirable in middle management. The same analysis also shows that employees are less satisfied with the relationship with their manager. This can be a reason to initiate an HRM programme to increase the managerial skills of middle management. After a certain period of time, you can carry out this analysis again and thus determine whether the efforts are effective. This valuable information gives a lot of control and the possibility to make timely adjustments.

Reporting on goals, multiple choice questions and competencies

Benefits of Analytics

See which executives are on schedule with their appraisals;
Find out which competencies score well in your organisation;
Analyze how many result targets have been achieved this year;
Compare current results with those of a previous period;
Find out who the best performing employees are;
See how many and which employees are actively working on their development;
Analyze on an organizational, departmental or individual level.
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