Interview cycle

Our HR software helps you determine the content of the interview cycle in your organization. In various conversations between manager(s) and employees, you determine objectives, agreements and actions and make adjustments over time based on the results.

Interview cycle as a foundation

At the heart of our HR software is the interview cycle. You can create an interview cycle for each employee in your organization. This is a personal file in which personal data, interview forms and files are stored. The duration of such a interview cycle is adjustable and varies per organization from a period of two weeks to one year. 

The completion of an interview cycle is often an appropriate time for an assessment or yearly review, after which a new cycle can be started.

Forms in the interview cycle

An interview cycle consists of one or more consecutive interviews. The content of those conversations is recorded in conversation forms. You can think of these forms as templates, in which the purpose and content of each conversation differ. When starting a conversation cycle, you will see that we have prepared conversation forms for common performance appraisals. You can use our format, but you are free to tailor the type and number of conversations to your own organization.

The interview cycle can optionally be supplemented with a competency profile. This is an additional interview form that consists of a series of competencies linked to an employee. This makes it possible to see objectively how someone is performing. Our HR application contains examples of competency profiles that you can use free of charge. You can also create your own competency profiles.

SMART-items in interview forms

The content of an interview form, in turn, is made up of interview items. We distinguish three types of interview items, each with different properties. These characteristics determine the content of the interview forms on which they appear and ultimately the interview cycle. In our standard templates we have placed interview items that discuss result objectives, personal development points, actions and agreements. Again, you can base your own interview templates based on ours, but you can also create them from scratch so that you can fully customize the content of the interview forms.

Setting up the interview cycle

An ingenious template system allows you to customize the interview cycle, interview forms, interview components and competencies that we make available to you. This is particularly useful when interview forms are already being used (on paper or in another system) and you want to adopt them. You can determine the number of interviews, the type, their name, which interview items should appear and whether an employee can fill in his or her own interview forms or whether this is reserved for the manager(s). Setting up the interview cycle is done once by the administrator of your account. Employees and managers simply use the forms as prepared. Since an administrator can also provide comments on the interview forms, they can set up the interview cycle ready to use for all users.

Interview forms in the interview cycle

File sharing

The software allows every employee to store and share files digitally. These documents can be stored at the level of the organization (company), the organization part (department) and the current interview cycle. The level determines to what extent someone has rights to view, change or delete a file.

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