Self management

DDGC was created based on the insights of occupational psychologists and HR experts. Great thought was given to the structure and the way in which the process can be managed by both managers and employees.

The platform is not just a place where isolated information about assessment, performance, competencies, etc. is tracked. The nice thing about the application is that you can determine in what order and in what timeframe the various steps from the assessment and development cycle should be taken by employees and managers and what the content of these steps looks like. This can range from forms to be filled out for an assessment interview to 360° feedback on competencies.

Have your employees take control over their own HR

The principle of a fixed sequence of different components in the interview cycle provides an overview and thus the possibility of steering it. This starts with the managers who carry out the interviews, but also by putting the entire HR process in the hands of employees. Through an ingenious reminder system and a dashboard with an agenda, everyone is stimulated in a pleasant way to ensure that the conversations and reporting about them stay on track.

Features of employee self management

  • Determine the number, content and order of reviews;
  • Determine whether the employee or manager has direction over the HR process;
  • Track the status and progress of the HR process within the organization;
  • Provide notification and reporting capabilities for managers and employees;
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