Almost every school uses some kind of annual evaluation as part of a their staff's professional development policy. The functioning and development of employees is periodically discussed and recorded on the basis of objectives, progress and final evaluation (assessment or appraisal). In addition, validated classroom observation tools, competency profiles, 360° feedback and personal development plans are often integrated as part of this process.

In terms of process and content, our HR software seamlessly aligns with the needs of education for performance management and professional development. This is not surprising, as we are originally an education consultancy. So that's where our roots and expertise lie. After more than ten years, we can now count hundreds of schools among our customers.

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Useful features of our HR software

Working with a well-designed interview cycle improves employee performance. Our software eases the administrative work of executives and HR managers. In addition, executives gain more insight and control through the extensive analysis capabilities.

The core of our HR software is formed by the interview cycle. Such a cycle can be started for every employee in your organization. This is an individual dossier in which personal data, interview reports and files are stored. The duration of an interview cycle varies by organization between two weeks and one year. You are free to design the content and duration of the interview cycle to suit your organization's needs.

The modern performance review cycle is increasingly based on a format referred to by HR professionals as a 'continuous dialogue'. Managers periodically have a 'good conversation' with each employee. These conversations are then referred to as 'development review', 'annual review' or 'progress review'.

Peers or direct colleagues sometimes see more than a manager. You collect feedback from other team members via 360-degree feedback. When using competency profiles, you can choose which colleagues can be invited. With a convenient layout and color display, you can see at a glance who has filled in what and how it relates to each other.

Competencies are building blocks of successful behavior. A competency is a skill or ability that you possess. Competencies and competency profiles can help you measure how suitable an employee is for a specific task or role. Competency-based working is fully supported in our HR software.
Great thought was given to the content and the way in which the process can be controlled, by both managers and employees themselves

Do you know which managers are on schedule with their appraisals? On which competencies are they scoring well? And is that better than last year? The Digital Interview Cycle provides you with real-time management information at organisational, departmental and individual level. Reporting, analysing and adjusting just became very easy.

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