When implementing the Applado software for your organisation, you want to make sure that the HR software is set up correctly., you want to make sure that the HR software is set up correctly to make a positive impact right from the start. Our HR-experts have many years of experience in translating HR policy into processes and system design. We make sure that your management, managers and employees get the most out of the application with proper onboarding and training.

You form a project group for input and support, we suggest the subjects on which you need to make decisions and we outline the consequences and the legal framework. On the basis of this information, we configure the software - and the integration - and the system is ready for use. We will include a brief instruction to the managers who are going to be using the software.

The result:

  • a managable application that's configured for your organisation
  • a process voor interviews, performance management and professional development
  • HR processes and workflows that match your organisation's requirements
  • system administrators, managers en team members that understand the software

Opbouw, duur en kosten van de implementatie

Usually, the implementation takes place in three steps. These are often three separate (online) meetings at three different times, depending on the situation. The total time of the entire implementation process usually takes two to three weeks. The costs for the implementation largely depend on the complexity of the HR process and the size of the organisation and will be determined in consultation.

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Step 1 - Intake

One of our HR experts visits your organisation for the intake. The intake will take about a half day. There will be a mutual exchange of information. On the one hand, we will explain what the software can do and you will decide on some of the options. On the other hand, we would like to hear about your (desired) workflows of performance management and appraisals. Which terminology is used? Which subjects are discussed? Are there competence profiles present?

If the contents of the interview forms, indicators for appraisal and competencies are still to be determined, we will be happy to assist in guiding the decision making process. If there is already a system with interview forms (e.g. on paper, or in Word or Excel), we would like to receive these forms and competence profiles in advance by e-mail.

We start the intake by agreeing on what the progress of the implementation will look like. We prefer an open mind in terms of workflow and desired content (what does our ideal assessment system look like?). This way, you don't miss opportunities offered by the application and avoid creating impossible expectations. Our HR application also helps you to bring structure to the process, so figuring out how you want to shape the process becomes much easier if you reason on the basis of the possibilities of the application. Also, you run the risk of developing all kinds of form templates and competence profiles that are already available by default.

Step 2 - Setup

After the intake we get to work. We will create user accounts for employees in the application (manually via a file import or automatically via one of our integrations), enable and configure your competencies, set up forms, assign permissions. Subsequently, the setup will be presented and discussed with the same workgroup. We go through the entire application again and finalize the configuration.

Stap 3 - Training

Finally, there is a training for managers. This part usually takes about 1.5 hours, but this depends on whether the policy around the call cycle only needs to be digitized, or whether it concerns new material. We would like someone from the workgroup to be present at the training to take responsibility for the substantive choices, such as settings for 360° feedback, response scales, roles and rights.

As a rule, we do not provide training for employees. The ease of use for that group does not require a separate instruction. Instead, we instruct your managers how they can in turn inform their employees and invite them digitally to use the HR system.

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