Managing users in multiple software applications can be a daunting and time-consuming task for system administrators and HR managers. The Digital Interview Cycle provides an API integration for exchanging user data with systems such as AFAS Profit and Office365. This allows organizations to keep their employee data in the Digital Interview Cycle up to date without managing different systems.

Our integrations

DDGC offers an ever expanding list of integration partners to facilitate easy user provisioning and Single Sign On. Click the link below to view the software platforms we currently offer integrations for.

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Integration setup costs

To setup the integration, we charge a one-time fee of € 500,-. This is for setting up the integration (technically), configuring the account and communication with the customer. 

Maintenance, support and updates

Maintenance, support and updates for all integrations are included in your plan, except for the AFAS integration where the integration fee is recurring yearly due to maintenance costs. Otherwise if any issue turns out to be a malfunction or larger issue with your specific account, the support for repairing the integration will not be covered by your standard plan.

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